Git Tutorial


Git is a version-control system.

Git helps you keep track of changes to code.

Git is used to collaborate on code.

Learning by 示例

In this tutorial we will show you Git commands like this:


git --version
git version

For new users, using the terminal view can seem a bit complicated. Don't worry! We will keep it really simple, and learning this way gives you a good grasp on how Git works.

In the code above, you can see commands (input) and output.

Lines like this, are commands we input:


git --version

Lines like this, are the output/response to our commands:


git version

In general, lines with $ in front of it, is input. These are the commands you can copy and run in your terminal.

Git and GitHub

Git and GitHub are different things!

In this tutorial you will gain a clear understanding of what Git is and how to use it on the GitHub platform.

Git 练习

Test Yourself With 练习


Insert the missing part of the command do check which version of Git (if any) is installed.


Start the Exercise

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